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Founded in April 2010 by Bithika Anand with the vision of partnering our clients and being part of their growth, Legal League Consulting works with them to develop performing teams, high quality leadership and organizational development strategies to achieve business objectives. With a pan India presence, we have a strong track record of improving sustainability, competitiveness and performance capabilities by delivering vital insights, advice and execution level support to our clientele. We work extensively towards designing and implementing cost effective on-demand solutions in diverse areas and managing end to end business functions, with an aim to be a catalyst in transforming how the legal industry works.

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We are an enthusiastic, dynamic and globally minded team with a vision to continuously evolve ourselves to redefine everything around us through innovation and an eagerness to venture into the lesser known. We are proactive, we think on our feet and work with an unmatched fervour to constantly strive towards creating and identifying new opportunities which would enable everyone associated with us to reach the next level of growth.

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